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Establishing RCEP Think Tank Alliance to Facilitate the Smooth Implementation of RCEP
date:2022-04-26   from:CODF   author:Original

On April 25, 2022, the China Oceanic Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as CODF) was invited by the China Institute for Reform and Development (hereinafter referred to as CIRD) to conduct a study and discussion in Haikou on the establishment of the RCEP Think Tank Alliance to facilitate the implementation of RCEP. At the same time, CODF and CIRD signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in which the two sides will cooperate closely around jointly building the RCEP Think Tank Alliance, jointly organizing the Global Free Trade Port Forum, the RCEP Blue Economy Development Forum, the RCEP Ocean Governance and Marine Spatial Planning Workshop, and jointly carrying out the study of capacity building of RCEP Ocean Sustainable Development.

Picture taken on the signing ceremony

Lv Bin, President of CODF, Pan Xinchun, Vice President and Secretary General, Chi Fulin, President of CIRD and President of Hainan Free Trade Port Research Institute, Wu Shicun, Council Member of CIRD, Chairman of China-Southeast Asia Research Center on the South China Sea, Founding President of National Institute for South China Sea Studies and Vice President of Hainan Free Trade Port Research Institute, Miao Shubin, Executive President of CIRD, and heads of relevant departments of CODF, CIRD, Hainan Reform and Development Research Foundation and Hainan CIRD Guohao Free Trade Port Legal Research Center attended the study and discussion.