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A New Voyage of Blue Wisdom China-Cambodia Marine Spatial Planning Cooperation
date:2020-09-23   from:CODF   author:Original

Cambodia, as an important participant in the “Belt and Road Initiatives”, has become a comprehensive strategic partner of China. Under the promotion of the top leaders of the two countries, the National Ocean Technology Center of China and the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia jointly carried out the compilation project on Cambodia marine spatial planning. Over seven years’ cooperation, Initial Marine Spatial Planning of Cambodia (2018-2023) was completed. Referring to China’s marine management practices,considering land and sea as a whole, realizing the benign transformation of marine protection and economic development, the planning was identified as the first legal marine guidance document by the government of Cambodia. The Marine Spatial Planning cooperation between China and Cambodia is a joint exploration by Chinese and Cambodian experts in pursuit of the harmonious development of the ocean and mankind.

Today, the second cooperation phase has been launched. As an important part of the international cooperation project of "Promote Marine Spatial Planning, Advance Blue Economy" innitiated by China Oceanic Development Foundation (CODF), the cooperation will continue on compiling the protection and utilization planning of Cambodia coastal zones, driving industrial cooperation through planning cooperation to advance Blue Economy, thus to make contribution to building the "Belt and Road", and promote the establishment of a community with shared future between China and Cambodia.